Visitor & Paddler Information

Coming soon to an oar near you!

As you've heard by now, the Devils river is one of the most pristine in Texas. Having been preserved by nature itself along with a legacy of stewardship, we ask that you tread lightly in our backyard. 

Some simple housekeeping tips will help ensure a memorable experience. 

What to expect:

  • Expect to be more connected with nature than you are with your phone, as most areas, including nearly all of the river basin, have limited/no cell phone coverage.  
  • Have a backup plan. The Devils hasn't survived this long by being easy. Its location and distance from modern amenities can be quite the allure. However it can also be quite the trouble. Before you head out, give a run-down, including your contact information, to a trusted person. If anything were to happen, this person would be able to provide valuable assistance from afar. 
  • Pack it in, Pack it out. You are responsible for your impact on the environment. The Devils is an environmentally sensitive area that deserves your respect. Trash, human waste, invasive threats, and habitat disruption are all ways to get on the Devils radar. Help ensure the experience for years to come, be responsible.  
  • Equipment should protect the environment. As someone once said "everything in this area is out to get you". The plants, rocks, river bed, and general landscape are some of the most unforgiving in North America. Anything that separates you from the environment should be of good quality and condition. This would include not only your shoes, hat, and clothing. But also things such as your vehicle, tires, camping equipment and more. We recommend packing a backpack with the following items, at a minimum:
    • Sunscreen
    • Towel
    • River Shoes/Hiking Boots
    • Plenty of Water/Water Sanitization Equipment
    • Basic First Aid Kit
    • River Map
    • Hat/Sunglasses
    • Whistle
    • Compass
    • WAG Bag(s)
    • Trail Snacks
    • Rope