Integrated Groundwater and Surface Water Flow Model Funding

News Release
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May 23, 2017

Meadows Foundation Grants $75,000 to Devils River Conservancy for an Integrated Groundwater- Surface Water Flow Model

AUSTIN — The Devils River Conservancy, a 501(c)3 organization created to protect what is considered the most ecologically intact Texas river, has been granted $75,000 by the Meadows Foundation to develop an Integrated Surface Water- Groundwater Flow Model for the Devils River basin in Val Verde County. The Devils is 100% dependent on groundwater that springs from the karst limestone formations of the Edwards-Trinity Aquifer and is a major tributary to the Rio Grande. The research supported by this grant builds upon recent hydrologic studies and expands the understanding of the relationship between surface and groundwater. This model aims to aid the water management in the Devils River basin by providing an in-depth understanding of the hydrology and effects of groundwater pumping. “The Meadows Foundation is pleased to play a role to fill in this important research gap and to protect the Devils River for future generations of Texans,” said Mike McCoy, Senior Program Officer with The Meadows Foundation.

“Texas is blessed with both resources and economic growth, but is challenged with how to balance the two. This research is an important step towards unlocking what’s been termed the mysterious or occult nature of groundwater, and should aid the management of the resources and protection of the Devils“, stated Randy Nunns, president of the Devils River Conservancy.